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Le programme de nos rencontres ludiques (l'image est un calendrier maya !)
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Cheap Sneakers from Instagram

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Clarkson took the solo spotlight on several tunes from her 2013 Christmas album, Wrapped in Red, sharing with the audience that the title song was written for her then-boyfriend Brandon Blackstock. "I had been single a long time and this song was my 'I'm going to do it' moment, my way of saying 'I'm all in.'" She also performed "Winter Dreams (Brandon's Song)" "….for my man."

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King stayed at the Stanley while on vacation with his wife in 1974, and a nightmare he had during the stay sparked the idea for The Shining. The story follows a family man (played in the film by Jack Nicholson) who takes a gig as an old hotel’s caretaker, only to be driven to madness and violent rage by unseen forces in the cold and mountainous isolation of the resort.

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An ensuing battle of Facebook posts went viral, naturally, as the owner of Marcy’s Diner in Portland, Maine, accused the child of being out-of-control and the parents as selfish. The Carsons, meanwhile, couldn’t believe their slightly fussy but well-behaved daughter — patient after a long wait for pancakes — was being screamed at with such rage. Cue a debate about kids in public, rude service, the Internet…

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