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Le programme de nos rencontres ludiques (l'image est un calendrier maya !)
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At the same time, in the careful fencing between Roose Bolton and Littlefinger, we can see the perils of dynastic alliances. To Roose’s face, Littlefinger claims that the Lannisters are a spent force, and dangles the possibility that an alliance between the North and the Vale could bring down King’s Landing as it did during Robert’s Rebellion. But before they arrive in Winterfell, Littlefinger suggests a hidden motivation to Sansa – that inside the castle walls, she can avenge her family against the family who betrayed the Starks. No fool himself, the new Warden of the North trusts Littlefinger not at all and insists on reading Littlefinger’s correspondence, to make sure that Baelish is only feigning loyalty to Queen Cersei.

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Still, I’ll admit it was satisfying, as I walked past its pathetic little get-together that day in 2003, to discover that while Yale’s activist groups had chosen to ignore them, one of its humor groups hadn’t. Our Westboro visitors (Fred himself appeared not to have made it) were tormented by a contingent of infiltrating undergrads holding up signs – all too close to theirs — that read “God Hates Plaque” and “Dental Hygiene Is Mental Hygiene.” I think the satirical anti-plaque protesters numbered less than a dozen. But that was more than enough to outnumber the followers of Fred Phelps.

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