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Since the first Academy Awards were given out in 1929, only three women have even been nominated for the directing Oscar: Lina Wertmuller in 1976 for “Seven Beauties,” Jane Campion in 1993 for “The Piano” and Sofia Coppola in 2003 for “Lost in Translation.” That’s right: It took nearly 50 years for Oscar to even wink in (or at) a woman’s direction. But then, there’s a very small pool of women to draw from for this award. Despite the gains women have made in almost all other careers, female directors are still a rarity, especially when you’re talking about movies that get major award consideration.

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For all that the Baelish-Bolton marriage alliance seemingly creates a new power bloc that could reshape politics in both the North and Westeros as a whole, the personal side of any marriage alliance could bring the whole thing crumbling to the ground. After all, we know how Ramsay treats women, and if the former Bastard of the Dreadfort should fail to restrain himself around Ned Stark’s daughter, the wrath of the Northmen would be impossible to control. And for Sansa’s part, that same loyalty to the Starks offers her a kind of power she hasn’t had in years: as far as the North knows, she is the rightful heir to Winterfell and the Boltons the men who murdered the Young Wolf. If she can tap into that, she might rule the North in her own right – and then the Boltons, and indeed Littlefinger himself, might have reason to be afraid.

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?[T]here is something going on in the elevator – Rice still has his hands by his side, and his fiancee appears to hit him with her arm or elbow. Rice appears to maybe smack her across the face, while retreating to the back of the elevator. Despite this, the fiancee appears to very aggressively come at him from across the elevator, and that is when Rice hits her hard enough to send her in the rail.

Still, I’ll admit it was satisfying, as I walked past its pathetic little get-together that day in 2003, to discover that while Yale’s activist groups had chosen to ignore them, one of its humor groups hadn’t. Our Westboro visitors (Fred himself appeared not to have made it) were tormented by a contingent of infiltrating undergrads holding up signs – all too close to theirs — that read “God Hates Plaque” and “Dental Hygiene Is Mental Hygiene.” I think the satirical anti-plaque protesters numbered less than a dozen. But that was more than enough to outnumber the followers of Fred Phelps.

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