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The problem, both in our own history and in Westeros, which the more you concentrate power, the more incentive there is for people to fight, and if necessary kill, to get their hands on it. Combine the lure of power and wealth with the sometimes fraught dynamics of families, and you get parents playing their children off against each other, siblings going to war over the succession, and mothers- and daughters-in-law jockeying for influence over kings. And the more that you bring great families together, the more cousins, uncles, nephews, and other relations there are to vie for power.

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Many other commenters relied on the “the handrail knocked her out” defense. Another tried to flat-out state Ray Rice was the real victim of domestic assault:

Most of us decided to ignore the announced WBC protest (called to excoriate Yale’s president’s supposed complicity with sodomists or some such), focusing our energies instead on a pro-domestic partnership rally later that day. (And our own excoriations of Yale’s president over a raft of other stuff.) My dorm room was near the site of the announced WBC mobilization, so at the urging of a friend, I tried to troll the haters by setting my computer to play a bunch of stereotypically gay music out the window; I seem to recall this plan falling prey to technical difficulties.

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