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Air Jordan 6 Pro Purple from Twitter

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From the opening credits on, the most glaringly obvious, if not problematic, thing about “Heroes of Cosplay” is that its cast is almost entirely female. Heroines in scant outfits are the norm in comics and games and thus in real life cosplay. Cleavage is as much a recognizable accessory of many beloved characters as a sword, helm or blaster. “Heroes,” at first, appears to give in to that conceit without contest. During last night’s episode, cosplay supertstar Yaya Han had her entire body digitally scanned in preparation for her own line of collectible figures. Running a camera over Han’s full bosom and transferring the image to a nearby monitor, the designer explained, “The green feedback is showing me that we’re actually receiving all of her volume.”? Han seemed happy with the prominence of her breasts, but requested that her legs be made longer.
Syfy hasn’t yet given up the spaceship. It continues to announce new scripted originals such as “Helix” and a revamping of “12 Monkeys.” Unfortunately, to the average American viewer, Syfy is not best known for “Defiance,” a well-reviewed series about aliens on earth that gets decent ratings and boasts a groundbreaking synthesis with online gaming. No, the Syfy network is, at this point, best known for “Sharknado.”

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"We laughed, we danced, we sang "Yankee Doodle" a lot," he said. "We ran through fields, we jumped in the water with our clothes on, but most importantly we explored the world together and we had so much fun. It takes a certain curiosity and fearlessness and passion to explore the world, and Caleb exuded this."

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